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Monastery on the Mount of Aaron

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The Finnish Archaeological Project in Petra

Magnificent and mysterious Petra is known best for its royal tombs cut in soft sandstone. Being the most important tourist site in Jordan today, the city used to serve as the center of trade and agriculture in the area at the crosspoint of great caravan routes. Charred papyri from 537 A.D., found in an excavated church in Petra, mention also a nearby monastery on the Mount of St. Aaron, the high priest and brother of Moses.

We have now a unique opportunity to study the ruins of this lonely and forgotten building complex. The first, preliminary season began in July 1998 at the foot of the peak on which lies St. Aaron's mausoleum, a holy site for three religions. The project is led by professor Jaakko Frösén, Helsinki University, and financed by the Emil Aaltonen Foundation. Full scale excavations began in the August 1999.

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